Sunday, 3 June 2018

Cap Fog series coming your way soon

This series of novels written by the immensely popular J.T. Edson features  the grandsons of members of the Floating Outfit - Dusty Fog, the Ysabel Kid and Mark Counter, (Alvin Fog, Mark Scrapton and Rance Smith respectively are in a special unit called Company Z that consists largely of Texas Rangers during the prohibition era. Company Z is an extra legal company formed by the Governor of Texas. Besides the Texas Rangers, there are other members who were chosen for their skills and abilities that are special to them. 

The titles issued by Piccadilly Publishing do vary from those originally printed but everything else remains the same. For Instance "You're a Texas Ranger, Alvin Fog aka Alvin Fog, Texas Ranger" has been renamed as Alvin Fog, Texas Ranger.

The cover artwork has been designed by Tony Masero and brings the Hollywood golden years feel to them. Have fun guessing who Tony bases his characters on. And here's the first three covers:

Check out the series page here.

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