Friday, 30 September 2016

Before Sons of Anarchy there was The Last Heroes

'These were not men of the nineteen-eighties, used to slick suits and the soft answer. There was a primitive violence and strength in the Angles.'

For the first time in electronic form, we are proud to announce that Mick Norman's Hells Angels series will be made available in two omnibus editions coming in November and December 2016.

We will be releasing them under the umbrella name of FALLEN ANGELS. ANGEL FROM HELL and ANGEL CHALLENGE will make up Volume One and in Volume Two will be GUARDIAN ANGELS and ANGELS ON MY MIND.

Many of you might know that Mick Norman was none other than Laurence James (Crow; Herne the Hunter; Simon Rack).

Cover artwork by Tony Masero.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Six Red Hot series Coming your way December 1st 2016

Piccadilly Publishing, the Home of Great Western Fiction, celebrates Christmas 2016 by issuing no less than SIX western series to its line-up.
All never before available in electronic form ...
All available at a special low price for the first seven days of publication! 



If you want to read sample chapters then nip over to our website and click on the series link page.
Happy reading, folks! 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Coming 4th July

We have a treat for you this coming Independence Day.

We've brought forward the publication date for the first two titles in the brand new BEAR HASKELL - U.S. MARSHALL series written by Pete Brandvold.

Those of you on click here click here
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Hope you enjoy them.


Monday, 13 June 2016

Announcing our JULY titles

  • Floating Outfit 5: From Hide to Horn (J.T. Edson)
  • Bodie 9: Ride the Savage Hills (Neil Hunter)
  • The Gunsmith 415: The Funeral of Doc Holliday(J.R. Roberts)
  • Herne the Hunter 16: Geronimo! (John J. McLaglen)
  • Davy Crockett 4: Mississippi Mayhem (David Thompson aka David Robbins)
  • Sundance 13: Blood on the Prairie (John Benteen)
  • Cheyenne 8: War Party (Judd Cole)
  • Renegade 13: The Mahogany Pirates (Lou Cameron)

  • Released 15th JULY

  • Wanted! Belle Starr! (J.T. Edson)
  • Giant Gunsmith 14: Lincoln's Revenge (J.R. Roberts)
  • Piccadilly Publishing Western 5: Lawmaster (Jack Martin)

  • Released 22nd JULY
    BEAR HASKELL U.S. Marshal - New Series in the tradition of Longarm

  • 1: GUN TROUBLE AT DIAMOND BACK (by Peter Brandvold)

  • 2: THE JACKALS OF SUNDOWN (by Peter Brandvold)
  • Wednesday, 25 May 2016

    Sergio Leone’s Sons Set To Produce Spaghetti Western TV Series Titled ‘Colt’

    Italy’s expanding Leone Film Group is venturing into the Spaghetti Western territory so dear to its late great founder with an English-language TV series titled “Colt,” based on an idea developed by Sergio Leone, master of the genre.
    The concept is centered around the six-shooter packed by Clint Eastwood in “For a Fistful of Dollars.”
    “It’s from my father’s idea in which the gun was the main character and the device through which the tale is told,” said Raffaella Leone, who now runs Leone Film Group with her brother Andrea.
    “We are thinking of six episodes, each one connected to a single gun shot. But we could do more,” she added.
    Italian director Stefano Sollima, who has made a name for himself helming Sky’s naturalistic Neapolitan mob drama “Gomorra,” which is Italy’s all time top TV export, will direct the first two episodes and act as showrunner.

    Wednesday, 6 April 2016

    Paul Lederer - R.I.P.

    I am so sad to report the death of my buddy PAUL LEDERER, who recently joined Piccadilly Publishing, and whose book THE TRAIL TO TRINITY we published in January. I had enormous respect for Paul and always wanted to publish his Logan Winters series SPECTROS. Unfortunately, another publisher piped us to the post. So it was a very happy day when Paul emailed me out of the blue and said that he wished he had come over to Piccadilly Publishing sooner.


    Well, it wasn't too late. We contracted Paul for eight standalone westerns, and he delivered four of them - all of which we intend to publish as a tribute to this great professional.

    Here's Paul's obituary.

    Paul Joseph Lederer, the La Mesa author of more than 100 novels, many of them Westerns, has died. His children said he suffered a brain aneurysm over the weekend.

    Born in Ocean Beach, Lederer attended San Diego State and was in Air Force intelligence during the Vietnam War. He got into writing more out of necessity than passion, he said in a Union-Tribune interview last August, when he was 70.

    "I was up one morning on the Black Sea, in Turkey, and I looked out over the ocean and I said, 'OK, you've got to do something, boy.'

    "Once I had an artist praise my work, and once I had a writing teacher in high school who said, 'That's pretty good,' so I thought, OK, it's one of the two. Either that or manual labor, and I don't like that much, although I ended up doing a lot of that. I thought writing was something I could do and make a decent living."

    Lederer was probably best known for his Indian Heritage Series. There were eight books, each about 500 pages, published in the 1980s. He did one on Tecumseh and his agent told him "Indian stories are in" so he did more: "Manitou's Daughter," "Way of the Wind," "North Star" and so on.
    "Cimarron Star," set on the Kansas frontier at the start of the Civil War, took him about 10 years to write. Others he did in about six weeks, cranking them out to meet a demand in the 1980s for Westerns. None of them started with an outline.

    "I just scrawl hundreds of notes on the pieces of paper around my desk, mostly so I can remember names and where people are supposed to be," he said. "I'm more organic in my system. I put this person in a situation. What's he likely to do? He goes into a town, what could happen? What should happen? I take my choice and try to make things progress evenly."

    Lederer was 70 at the time of the interview - too old, he said, to adapt to e-readers. But not too old to have his books re-published in electronic form. He'd recently sold 50 of his earlier books to an electronic publisher and was happy about the possibility they would be discovered by a new audience.

    "I get to create people in my stories," he said. "I have made this person, and now I need to give him or her a life and carry it through to a happy ending."

    Report by David Whitehead aka Ben Bridges

    Friday, 18 March 2016

    Announcing the new novel from FREDERICK H. CHRISTIAN

    For the first time in over 40 years comes an original FREDERICK H. CHRISTIAN novel.

    The author, who we all know and love, is the author of the Frank Angel and Sudden novels, says:

    "You could say that APACHE  COUNTRY is a “chase thriller”
    But (I hope) it’s a bit more sophisticated than just that.

    It’s a story filled with love, death, hope and hatred that begins when David Easton, a small town law officer in Riverside, New Mexico, takes a call from one of his detectives that prominent and powerful citizen Robert Casey and his grandson Adam have been bloodily murdered in an arroyo outside town.
    The murder scene is a bloodbath that makes no sense: why would anyone kill a middle-aged businessman and a schoolboy? Even as a full-scale investigation  led by District Attorney Olin McKitrick is mounted, a suspect – James Ironheel, a Chiricahua Apache -- is arrested by State p0lice not far from the murder site. "

    He looks as guilty as hell, but Easton becomes convinced there is something behind his refusal to tell them anything. His concern grows, first when the rookie State lawyer sent to defend the Apache is clearly devastated by what he learns interrogating the suspect, and further when Ironheel’s sister Joanna refuses to become involved in her brother’s problems. When, that same day, lawyer Weddle is found murdered in his motel room, Easton gives Ironheel one more try, and it leads to a shattering surprise: the reason the Apache won’t talk is because he witnessed the twin murders and has recognised Easton’s boss, Sheriff Joe Apodaca, as one of the two men who did the killing. "
    As to what happens to Easton and Ironheel, you will have to wait until May 1st, 2016.
    You can pre-order from Amazon UK, and Smashwords ... NOW!
    We will be publishing APACHE COUNTRY on May 1st 2016 at $4.50


    Wednesday, 9 March 2016

    Announcing a new series from PP!

    The publishing business seems to be all doom and gloom lately. We're told that book sales are down, the number of people who read for pleasure is shrinking by the day etc etc., But I'm delighted to tell you that here at Piccadilly Towers, things are going from strength to strength.

    To prove it, we launch YET ANOTHER NEW and ALL-ORIGINAL, NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED series in May - CROSSED ARROWS, by Patrick E. Andrews!

    The fact is, we enjoyed Patrick's first LONG-KNIVES book, CROSSED ARROWS, so much that we asked him to make it into a series.

    As if that wasn't enough, it also has covers by Tony Masero.

    Watch out for CROSSED ARROWS 1: ROCKY MOUNTAIN WARPATH, coming MAY 01, 2016:

    Captain Mack Hawkins, Lieutenant Ludlow Dooley and the Kiowa-Comanche Detachment of Indian Scouts are sent on a hazardous assignment up into the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Their orders are to protect railroad surveyors coming under fire from hidden snipers. But when the detachment arrives, they find themselves caught up in a deadly crossfire. Mysterious threats and baffling situations abound that are intertwined with gun battles and ambushes in the mountainous crags and forests of the Rockies. To further complicate matters, a revolution by the M├ętis—a people of mixed French and Indian blood—against the Canadian government unexpectedly involves Hawkins and his men.

    Monday, 7 March 2016

    It's been a long wait

    When I teased about the author Lee Child is calling  "... a master of the modern-day Western."  I can give you a further clue ...

    He has not been published under this name for 46 years!

    Do you know who it is yet?

    Friday, 4 March 2016

    Who is Lee Child talking about when he says:

    "Gives Elmore Leonard a run for his money
    as the modern-day master of the Western."

    All will be revealed soon...

    Thursday, 21 January 2016