Thursday, 30 June 2016

Coming 4th July

We have a treat for you this coming Independence Day.

We've brought forward the publication date for the first two titles in the brand new BEAR HASKELL - U.S. MARSHALL series written by Pete Brandvold.

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Hope you enjoy them.


Monday, 13 June 2016

Announcing our JULY titles

  • Floating Outfit 5: From Hide to Horn (J.T. Edson)
  • Bodie 9: Ride the Savage Hills (Neil Hunter)
  • The Gunsmith 415: The Funeral of Doc Holliday(J.R. Roberts)
  • Herne the Hunter 16: Geronimo! (John J. McLaglen)
  • Davy Crockett 4: Mississippi Mayhem (David Thompson aka David Robbins)
  • Sundance 13: Blood on the Prairie (John Benteen)
  • Cheyenne 8: War Party (Judd Cole)
  • Renegade 13: The Mahogany Pirates (Lou Cameron)

  • Released 15th JULY

  • Wanted! Belle Starr! (J.T. Edson)
  • Giant Gunsmith 14: Lincoln's Revenge (J.R. Roberts)
  • Piccadilly Publishing Western 5: Lawmaster (Jack Martin)

  • Released 22nd JULY
    BEAR HASKELL U.S. Marshal - New Series in the tradition of Longarm

  • 1: GUN TROUBLE AT DIAMOND BACK (by Peter Brandvold)

  • 2: THE JACKALS OF SUNDOWN (by Peter Brandvold)