Tuesday, 5 June 2018

New JASON BRAND released today!

For fans of the JASON BRAND series written by Neil Hunter (aka Mike Linaker) ... your wait is over for a new adventure. Number 12 in the series VENGEANCE GUN has been released today.

When Frank McCord of the Justice Department is kidnapped, the Attorney General calls on the one man who stands a hope in hell of finding him -- the Department’s toughest operative, Jason Brand.

But from the moment he accepts the assignment, Brand becomes a target for the men who are determined to stop him finding McCord. What they don’t understand is that McCord is not just his boss - he’s also a friend, and that makes all the difference.

Nothing less than a well-aimed bullet will stop him from saving McCord. But even when Brand does track him down, his troubles are far from over. With a violent bunch after him, and a seriously injured McCord on his hands, Brand has to outrun a relentless pursuit.

No matter how ruthless the gang is, or how big the stakes, there’s one thing the bad guys fail to appreciate ... and that is Jason Brand’s skill with a vengeance gun.

Hope you enjoy it as much as you have the others in the series.

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