Friday, 5 January 2018

A Promise of Glory - New Cover Design

CALL TO ARMS - A sweeping saga which traces the turbulent history of American through the lives of men and women whose deeds and dreams would forever mark the world ... written by Frederick Nolan.

When the books were first published, for some unfathomable reason Bantam Books split the books. They published A PROMISE OF GLORY and BLIND DUTY under Frederick Nolan but the third in the series FIELD OF HONOR was under the name of Danielle Rockfern. Go figure!

So at Piccadilly we are putting them out as intended by the author. A Promise of Glory will be released on March 08, 2018, and BLIND DUTY and FIELD OF HONOR will follow on April 8 and May 8.

We have designed a new jacket for A PROMISE OF GLORY - which better depicts the time period of the book. And once again turning to Don Stivers for a superb illustration.

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