Wednesday, 17 May 2017

On This Day in History ... 1853

May 17

The site of Fort Riley was chosen by surveyors in the fall of 1852 and was first called Camp Center, due to its proximity to the geographical center of the United States. The following spring, three companies of the 6th infantry began the construction of temporary quarters at the camp.

Fort Riley was established by Captain Charles S. Lovell, 6th U.S. Infantry, on a site recommended by Colonel Thomas T. Flauntleroy, 1st U. S. Dragoons.

The fort's initial purpose was to protect the many pioneers and traders who were moving along the Oregon-California and Santa Fe Trails.
In the years after the Civil War, Fort Riley served as a major United States Cavalry post and school for cavalry tactics and practice. The post was a base for skirmishes with Native Americans after the Civil War ended in 1865, during which time George Custer was stationed at the fort.


This series consists of four novels of the early U.S. Cavalry and features the adventures, trials and tribulations of the brave men of the U.S. Dragoons. In a land as savage as the Indians who lived on its vast prairies and burning deserts, the U.S. Dragoons were the only law. Short on rations but long on courage, they were the first cavalry soldiers to ride the great western frontier and fight to keep the peace.

The cover art is by Don Stiver who was was an American artist, known for his portrayal of historical and military subjects.

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