Monday, 29 June 2015

A letter from Anchorage

It brings a smile to our faces when we receive emails from our readers. Like this one:
Dear Sirs:
               In the last week you have made my heart sing and my memories go back 30+ years.  I use Barnes and Noble only as my e-book provider.  I had in years past purchased seven J T Edson that were in Nook book format.  To my great surprise this week when I did a search I discovered eight new Nook books.  Needless to say I immediately ordered all seven..
               I am greatly looking forward to the continuing release of his books.  I also want to compliment you on the fact that you are keeping costs down.  I recently expressed my deep resentment in charging over 13 dollars for an e-book that the editor purposely released only in e-book and hard bound form to keep the costs up.  It was of course further complicated that it was a continuing series and they neglected to tell in advance that it was being completed by someone else since the author was deceased. 
               I hope you continue to release as many of the Fog, Hardin, Waco and numerous other series as you can.  I said the memories because I read and fell in love with Dusty that 30 plus years ago and it is just like coming home.
Please keep up the good work and should the estate care I am a faithful reader just happy to return.
Sharon Kuhn
Anchorage, AK
Thank you very much, Sharon. we appreciate you taking the time to pay us those compliments. It took some time getting the J.T. Edson name into our stable of authors, but I'm glad our persistence paid off.

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