Friday, 12 July 2013

Tony Lewing aka Mark Bannerman R.I.P.

Very, very sorry to have to post this sad news about PP author MARK BANNERMAN (aka Tony Lewing), received this morning: "Dear David, I am Francoise, Tony's wife. I am very aware of the many times you and Tony were in contact regarding his books and Kindle and of the huge amount of help you gave him. Sadly I have to tell you that Tony died in hospital on Monday morning (June 17) unexpectedly after an angiogram on the Sunday. Our son and daughter are with me to give their support. We are devastated and finding it difficult to accept that he will not finish his latest novel amongst many other things. I know he was so grateful for your time and expertise and would like me to express thanks on his behalf. He was so enjoying his success with e-books and was amazed by it. It had given him a new lease of life. Once again, many thanks, and I am only sorry that a developing friendship is now at an end. May I wish you all the best, Francoise Lewing." Tony was a great guy. All our writers are, of course, and I like to think that we all enjoy a unique friendship and camaraderie. Certainly this was the case with Tony. Rest in peace.

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